Kim on the palisade crest, high sierra

Kim on the palisade crest, high sierra


Kim Gardner

Lead Backpacking Guide, Assistant Alpine Guide

As a physical therapist in Phoenix, Kim fell in love with the far off mountains of the Sierra Nevada and made an impulsive decision to pursue a life based in the Sierra. She has spent the the past 4 years exploring the Sierra as well as many mountain ranges for climbing, skiing and exploring: Tetons, Wasatch, Colorado (primarily San Juan's, Sangre de Cristo and the Elks), Arizona, Utah, Red Rocks (Nevada) and the White mountains on the East coast.

Kim has a passion for traverses and long grueling suffer-fests, most notably completing the Teton traverse of all 10 primary Teton peaks, traversed from Agassiz through Norman Clyde in the Palisades (Sierra Nevada), as well as being the first person to traverse the Panamint range (Manly peak to Tuckii) in Death Valley. Climbing and skiing have recently consumed majority of her time, seeking couloirs and aesthetic routes all over the West. In her spare time she also enjoys reading beta, training on local mountains, gazing at topo maps,  planning trips and ski descents.


  • AIARE avalanche level one

  • WFR

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy