Snow Climbing Class Overview

A one-day mountaineering class in snow climbing techniques for those who want a quick overview of how to properly climb steep snow climbs. Great for anyone such as backpackers and mountaineers who wants to venture off the trails and into the higher alpine terrain where an ice axe and crampons may be needed. Also great for backcountry skiers who want some ice axe and crampon training to venture into more ski mountaineering terrain. We also include a introduction into basic snow anchors and use of a rope. 

Using an ice axe and crampons without proper training can be downright dangerous. An ice axe can be your best friend if used properly bu in the hand of the untrained it can become your worst enemy. The same goes for crampons. Climbing steep snow can seem relatively straightforward until something quickly goes wrong. Let our trained guides show you the proper way to use these tools and the techniques to climb steep snow without falling.

Includes mountaineering training in:

  • Snow climbing footwork and technique
  • Ice ax self arrest
  • Use of crampon
  • Basic snow anchors & rope work

We conduct these classes in the Eastern Sierra around the Mammoth Lakes area from December through July (snow conditions permitting) on a scheduled and custom basis. 

While this course only quickly covers the skills for snow climbing, we also highly recommend our multi-day mountaineering courses which allows you to fully practice the skills you have learned while climbing a Sierra peak with a professional guide. If you are looking for a more in-depth mountaineering course check out our

With the heavy winter of 2017 in the Sierra Nevada, this course is ideal for backpackers and mountaineers who will be experiencing some snow travel in the summer of 2017 higher in the Sierra.

Overall, we all felt that we learned a tremendous amount on the intro to mountaineering course, had a huge amount of fun, and absolutely enjoyed our time
— Walt W.


No previous experience is required for our Snow Climbing Skills Course. You should be in good physical shape.



April 7
April 21
May 5
May 19
May 26
June 9
June 23
July 7
August 11


Custom dates also available for private courses



SCHEDULED CLASS COST: $175 per person




One person: $375
Two people: $210 per person
Three people: $165 per person
Four people: $150 per person

Contact us for a quote on large groups


  • Professional AMGA trained or certified mountain guides
  • Ice ax, crampons, harness & Helmet

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