California Climbing and Backcountry Skiing Report - March 28th.

 Have a great weekend harvesting corn and pulling down in moderate temps. Don't forget your flip flops and beer for apres session. 

Welcome to our weekly climbing and backcountry skiing report for the state of California. Our goal is to provide a weekly single source of climbing and skiing   conditions around the state. We hope you stay tuned! This week's forecast is brought to you by: Sarah Crawford, Office Manager

Backcountry Skiing & Boarding

Eastern Sierra

The corn cycle is starting to develop on south aspect, the weather this weekend will only aid in the cycle development with highs in the 50's and overnight lows in the mid 20's. There is lingering dry cold snow in sheltered northerns aspects. The high-winds after earlier this week have loaded northern gullies. The weekend looks great for some bigger touring day.  The afternoon snow is a little mushy, so getting out early is going to be key. 

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Sunny with highs in the 50's  and lows in the 30's on Donner Summit this weekend. This weeks observations of the Donner Summit region were summited by Demetri Zouboukos of Truckee, CA @shapedbysummits

We’re in a transition right now, the north aspects were holding good dry snow and the solar aspects were all starting to corn up until yesterday. We had a gale force north wind that yesterday that blew the dry snow all over the place and has restarted the cycle (what I saw today on castle peak in Truckee this morning) I think in another few days we’ll be game back on for some corn skiing. The coverage is finally looking wintery though, which is nice!! -DZ 

Mount Shasta

The storms clouds finally part allowing the summit to receive sunshine and heavy wind. Temps will be in the teens day and night. Call the Fifth Season for up to date conditions on Mt Shasta. 

Mount Shasta 8500 ft NOAA Weather Forecast

California Avalanche Advisories & Observations

Ice Climbing

Lee Vining & June Lake Ice Climbing

The last storm cycle brought rain and snow providing much needed moisture for ice growth. Over last week and this week we have had overnight lows in the mid 20's and day time temps in the 50's.  

The only route that is in on Main wall is Plumb Line  which getting fatter by the day. The route should remain in good shape with nightly freezing temps and evening sun.  Early morning climbs on this route is advisable. 

Chouinard falls is fat as its been all season and the right side routes are in for the first time this season

The Narrows has thin ice and is only climbable for the boldest people out there. 

Lee Vining Canyon Ice 8000 ft NOAA Weather Forecast

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Alpine Climbing

High Sierra Climbing

Too cold this week for all but the beefiest alpine climbers.

Palisades 12,000 ft NOAA weather forecast

Mount Shasta Climbing

See: Mount Shasta Skiing (above)


Rock Climbing

Joshua Tree

This weekend brings highs of mid 70's and low 80's with little wind. Overnight lows are going to be in the 50's. It's that time of year in Jtree to start looking for shade.  

Eastern Sierra

The forecast for ORG calls for mid 70's and low 40's over night. 

Sunny routes in Pine Creek might be good this weekend with hight in the mid 50's and lows in the high 30's. 

While the temps are favorable for climbing in the Mammoth Region, there is to much snow. 

Yosemite Valley & Tuolumne Meadows

Valley temps are favorable with temp in the mid 50's and overnight lows in 30's.

Tuolumne is closed for the season. There is little snow up there right now and without a drastic change is this Winter's weather we are expecting an early spring opening of Tioga Pass.