California Climbing and Backcountry Skiing Report

The storm cycle continues to favor the Eastern Sierra with a possible 1 to 2 feet this weekend and another big storm lining up for the week of the 19th. Lets cross our fingers and hope that the projections hold true. 

Welcome to our weekly climbing and backcountry skiing report for the state of California. Our goal is to provide a weekly single source of climbing and skiing conditions around the state. We hope you stay tuned! This week's forecast is brought to you by: Sarah Crawford, Office Manager

Backcountry Skiing & Boarding

Eastern Sierra

IAG Guide Joe Crawford at Red Cone                                                                      Photo: Tara Spires

IAG Guide Joe Crawford at Red Cone                                                                      Photo: Tara Spires

Last weeks storm gave us 60''-78'' of snow at 10,000 feet and 20'' at 7600 feet; giving much needed coverage down low.  Lower elevation backcountry skiing is still low tide, so watch out for the sharks. The snow is settling really fast with the sunny and warm temps this week. Boot top to knee deep pow can be found on shady aspects.  Definitely read the avi reports for this week to get a good idea of the problems that developed from this storm cycle.  

The forecast  made a drastic change yesterday and is now hinting at 1 to 2 feet of snow over the weekend for the Mammoth area. If the forecast holds there should be some great storm skiing. 

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 Skiing will be enjoyable on sheltered slopes that already had a base.  This weekends storm looks like the snow line will be at 8000 feet, fingers crossed that it drops and Tahoe doesn't get rained out. 

Mount Shasta

This season Shasta has been hit hard by every storm.  They will be getting heavy snow all weekend. Call the Fifth Season for up to date conditions on Mt Shasta. 

Mount Shasta 8500 ft NOAA Weather Forecast

California Avalanche Advisories & Observations

Ice Climbing

Lee Vining & June Lake Ice Climbing

June Lake ice is growing daily. The North Gully is in great shape again. Horsetail falls is nearly closed up and ready to climb again. Tatum falls is covered in snow.  Roadside made a return this week and is pretty filled in.

Lee Vining Canyon's Chouinard Falls remains the best bet for ice in California. Snow this week will continue to make the base of the routes easier and safer to move around on. The central routes continue to be fat, albeit picked out. 

Main Wall  without much water flowing on the wall, the routes are taking quite some time to come in. 

The Bard-Harrington and Narrows continue to be dry. 

Lee Vining Canyon Ice 8000 ft NOAA Weather Forecast

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Alpine Climbing

High Sierra Climbing

Too cold this week for all but the beefiest alpine climbers.

Palisades 12,000 ft NOAA weather forecast

Mount Shasta Climbing

See: Mount Shasta Skiing (above)


Rock Climbing

Joshua Tree

Rain is in the forecast for over the weekend with temps in the Mid 50's/30's.

Eastern Sierra

We would suggest skiing this week/weekend as rain dominates the forecast. 

Yosemite Valley & Tuolumne Meadows

Seriously, the weather gods are telling us that its ski season this weekend with rain in the valley as well. 

Tuolumne is closed for the season. There is little snow up there right now and without a drastic change is this Winter's weather we are expecting an early spring opening of Tioga Pass. 

Yosemite Valley NOAA Weather Forecast