California Climbing and Backcountry Skiing Report- May 11, 2018

This weekends weather is unsettled but next week promises for a return to spring skiing and rock climbing on the eastside. 

Welcome to our weekly climbing and backcountry skiing report for the state of California. Our goal is to provide a weekly single source of climbing and skiing   conditions around the state. We hope you stay tuned! This week's forecast is brought to you by: Sarah Crawford, Office Manager

Backcountry Skiing & Boarding

Eastern Sierra

Over the last few weeks the corn has been good in the morning, even on northern facing aspect.  South facing have started melting out quickly with warm overnight and daytime temps. This weekend brings a slight chance of snow along the Mammoth Crest and an abundance of wind. hopefully the corn cycle returns next week.  Tioga pass is open to the park entrance  and Sonora Pass is open. 

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Go to the Eastside. 

Mount Shasta

Windy and a chance  of snow through the weekend. Call the Fifth Season for up to date conditions on Mt Shasta. 

Mount Shasta 8500 ft NOAA Weather Forecast

California Avalanche Advisories & Observations

Ice Climbing

Lee Vining & June Lake Ice Climbing

The ice season is over in the Eastern Sierra. Alpine ice might be forming on North Peak. 

Lee Vining Canyon Ice 8000 ft NOAA Weather Forecast

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Alpine Climbing

High Sierra Climbing

The approaches are still going to be snowy, but south facing rock should be drying out.

Palisades 12,000 ft NOAA weather forecast

Mount Shasta Climbing

See: Mount Shasta Skiing (above)


Rock Climbing

Joshua Tree

High winds and mid 70's all weekend.  

Eastern Sierra

The forecast for ORG calls for mid 70's and high winds all weekend. 

Windy with a chance of snow.  

Clark Canyon and Deadman Summit have melted out and are in good shape. This weekend might not be the best time to climb since there is high winds and a chance of snow/rain.  

Yosemite Valley & Tuolumne Meadows

Valley temps are favorable with temp in the mid 50's and overnight lows in 30's.

Tuolumne is closed for the season. There is little snow up there right now and without a drastic change is this Winter's weather we are expecting an early spring opening of Tioga Pass.