There are a lot of mountain guiding companies out there from large companies with huge guide rosters to one-man shows. Do you go with a large guiding company that has the resources to run your trip properly or with the small one-guide outfit that will show you the personal attention you want. The answer is... "yes".  At International Alpine Guides we bridge the gap between the two. We are a large enough mountain guiding company with all the resources and experience to run top-notch logistics on mountain trips throughout the world, yet small enough to provide you with the personal attention you deserve. The best of both world's? We like to think so. 

All our programs are designed by the owner of IAG, Dave Miller. Dave puts his personal touch on all of our trips and guides many of them himself. At IAG you are not dealing with a large corporation.  

We strive to provide you with a better experience at the best possible value...from our home base in California to the famous mountain ranges around the world.


Benefits of going with International Alpine Guides:

Personal attention with small group sizes. 
Being herded around in a large group is not the way to experience a mountain adventure so that's why we keep our group sizes small. This allows for a richer & more personal experience. Our guides will be in contact with you well before your trip to check in and answer any questions you may have. This develops a personal rapport that will carry over to your trip. 

Easy going & certified mountain guides hand picked for their friendly personalities as well as their technical skills
No ego here. Our guides are all friendly mountain professionals dedicated to the profession of mountain guiding and giving you the best experience possible. All of our guides are certified in wilderness first responder medical & food handling. Our lead guides working in technical terrain are certified or trained by the American Mountain Guides Association.

Smoothly run trips that allow you to relax and enjoy your experience
With over 12 years of experience in select locations around the world, we have the logistics of your trip dialed. We are experts in the areas we guide so you can leave everything to us.

World-class instruction from our staff of guides professionally trained by the American Mountain Guides Assoc.
Our lead technical guides are all trained by the AMGA and some are IFMGA/UIAGM certified..the highest level of mountain guiding certification in the world.

Stewards of the Land
A supporter of Leave No Trace principles, we consider ourselves stewards of the land we work and live on. All of us at IAG support the concept of wilderness and fight to keep wild places wild.

Risk Management
All of our guides are certified WFR wilderness medical professionals. They always carry satellite communications devices when away from cell service and they attend twice yearly guides training which includes comprehensive emergency training.

All-inclusive trips
On our California trips, we will provide all the gear you’ll need down to the eating utensils! All you need to bring are your clothes. Our gear is top of the line.

Backcountry gourmet meals
We like to eat well, so you’re going to eat well! On our California based trips we take a lot of pride in the food we service. We like to call it “backcountry gourmet”. We never use ‘freeze dried’ meals. Our guides go through extensive backcountry cooking training each year and are certified in California food handling. We can accommodate most special diets.

Flexible cancellation policies
Outside of 60 days for most domestic trips and 120 days for international trips you can cancel with a full refund. No administrative fees like many companies. For trips in California, we have a weather credit policy so you’re not out in the cold in case of inclement weather that prevents us from running your trip.

Confidence with the knowledge you are in good hands with a professional company
Professionalism is what our company is founded upon. 



About Us

International Alpine Guides is owned and directed by IFMGA internationally certified mountain guide Dave Miller. One of only 130 IFMGA guides in the United States, Dave has built his company around the belief that mountain guiding is a serious profession and that mountain guides requires proper training and mentorship to do their job well. 

International Alpine Guides and California Alpine Guides was founded in 2005 by  Dave and and veteran mountain guide Scott Brown. Dave and Scott wanted to create a mountain guiding company that was based in their home state of California and provided mountain adventures around the world. Over 13 years later, Dave has carried on that vision and built a company based around easy-going professionalism. All of our mountain guides leading trips in technical terrain have had professional training through the American Mountain Guides Association. And to show our commitment to the wilderness ethic, all of our lead guides are trained as Leave No Trace Trainers. 

We operate trips around the world on three separate continents focusing on more alpine-style climbing and skiing trips as well as backpacking and trekking. Through our California division, California Alpine Guides, we operate a full-service mountaineering, backcountry skiing and climbing school. Our California backpacking program provides high-quality overnight wilderness hiking trips throughout the Sierra Nevada. Internationally, we focus on skiing and climbing in the Alps of Europe and climbing on the high altitude peaks of Mexico and South America.