At International Alpine Guides we have a strong team of mountain professionals, but are always interested in talking to new faces about joining our team. We are, at times, looking for outdoor professionals who share a love for the mountain lifestyle and are avid climbers, skiers & backpacker/adventurers. We have different categories of guides including:

  • Alpine Guide
  • Ice Guide
  • Rock Climbing Guide
  • Ski Guide
  • Backpacking Guide

We operate at the highest standards in the mountain guiding industry and require our lead guides to have specific training and experience depending on the type of activity and terrain they will be guiding. We believe in the AMGA standard of practice which is scheduled to be fully implemented in 2022 and we plan to require all our guides to be compliant with those standards by then. In the meantime, we do have certain standards as move towards the SOP. Please contact me for more information. We are also interested in bringing on new guides. 

What we can offer is:

  • A very competitive pay scale
  • Educational benefits towards AMGA and other courses
  • Mentorship
  • A fun and rewarding work environment 

If you are interested in joining our team shoot me an email at:

Dave Miller
IFMGA lisenced mountain & ski guide