Looking for something a bit more off the beaten path but no less spectacular? This grand Yosemite Sierra hiking adventure takes you to a little visited Northern section of Yosemite National Park. Spectacular mountain vistas, little visited mountain lakes and dramatic canyons make up this Yosemite hike.

We hike out of the Hoover Wilderness in the Toiyabe National Forest before crossing into Yosemite National Park via the Northern boundary. We then visit Peeler Lake, riviera-like Benson Lake and then into Matterhorn Canyon and Slide Canyon and before completing this 54 mile loop trip.

Along the way there will be plenty of time for relaxation amid the incredible beauty and quiet of the Yosemite backcountry as well as great backcountry cuisine. For those looking to visit the Yosemite backcountry away from the crowds, this is a favorite of ours.

Food, Equipment & Lodging

We provide breakfast lunch, dinner and snacks prepared by your guide and backcountry chef from the time we meet till we part ways. We like to call our food "backcountry gourmet" which includes vegetables as well as freshly baked goods.

To make your trip easier for you we provide most of the gear you will need at no extra cost. We provide high quality backpacks, sleeping bags and pad, trekking poles, headlamp and eating utensils if needed. We also provide tents, all group cooking gear, first aid kit and water purification for the group. Being a backpacking trip, everyone is responsible for carrying their own gear as well as their share of any group gear. Our guides carry emergency two-way satellite communications devices at all times.

A great way to see the Yosemite high country in style.

This is a backpacking trip in which everyone carries their own gear and a share of the group gear and supplies.



Very good physical conditioning is required with the ability to carry an overnight pack up to 12 miles per day. Previous overnight backpacking experience is required.

2018 DATES:

July 22-28
August 19-25
September 16-22

2019 DATES:

July 27 - August 2
September 7-13

Custom dates available July though September



COST: $1195


  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner prepared by your guide while in the field

  • Professional local mountain guides certified in emergency wilderness medicine, food handling & Leave No Trace Principles & trained in local natural history.

  • Backpacks, sleeping bag and pad, trekking poles and eating utensils if needed

  • Tents, all group camping gear and permits

  • One night camping in the Eastern Sierra with dinner the night before the hike begins

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Yosemite North Boundary Hike Itinerary

Yosemite North Boundary Hike, Day 1

We meet at a campsite near Twin Lakes, just outside the town of Bridgeport, between 4 and 6pm. Exact location TBD. Dinner will be served that night and your guide will conduct a pack check and go over all the gear for the trip.

Yosemite North Boundary Hike, Day 2
Distance: 8 miles
Elevation Gain/Loss: + 2700'/ -300'

After a hearty breakfast, we begin the day by hiking up the Robinson Creek drainage with fleeting views of the spectacular Sawtooth Range. We spend our first night at beautiful Peeler Lake in the Toiyabe National Forest, just on the border with Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite North Boundary Hike, Day 3
Distance: 10 miles
Elevation Gain/Loss: +700/ -2600

We soon cross into Yosemite National Park past Kerrick Meadow. Continuing down Rancheria Creek we eventually pass over Seavey pass at the head of Kerrick Canyon and down into Benson Lake, one of the most spectacular settings on all the Yosemite High Country and a highlight of our trip. We spend the evening along the shores of Benson Lake.

Yosemite North Boundary Hike, Day 4
Distance: 10 miles
Elevation Gain/Loss: +3200'/ -2200'

The morning is spent continuing along the PCT towards Smedberg Lake. Passing over Benson Pass we descend into Matterhorn Canyon and leave the PCT to continue up canyon where we establish the nights camp.

Yosemite North Boundary Hike, Day 5
Distance: 10 miles
Elevation Gain/Loss: +3400'/ -1200'

Continuing up Matterhorn Canyon we pass over Burro Pass and it's incredible views of the Northern Yosemite country, we descend into slide canyon just on the North side of the Sawtooth Range. We establish a wonderful remote campsite in Slide Canyon.

Yosemite North Boundary Hike, Day 6
Distance: 4 miles
Elevation Gain/Loss: +800'/ -1100'

After a leisurely morning, the day begins with a climb over Mule Pass and then out of Yosemite and down to scenic Crown Lake for the evening. A shorter day of hiking.

Yosemite North Boundary Hike, Day 7
Distance: 8 miles
Elevation Gain/Loss: +700'/ -2600'

After breakfast we descend past Robinson Lakes where we soon meet the Peeler Lake trail, thereby completing our loop. We then descend back down Robinson Creek to Twin Lakes where a hot shower or hot spring await us.

Itinerary subject to change & camp locations and distances each day remain flexible.